Broste Copenhagen has a history that dates back to 1955 and is one of the leading interior brands in Scandinavia.

From their base in Copenhagen, the dynamic and creative Broste team is constantly working on developing the range, travelling the globe discovering new inspiration and materials.  They create exactly the right balance between Nordic tradition and current trends.

Focus is on the high quality of the product and the well-known Broste Copenhagen signature is always incorporated in the final design.  The processing is gentle so the original feel of the material and its character remain intact.

When creating tableware the Broste designers find inspiration from all things Nordic, including the weather, landscape, sea or cities.  The designs are a blend of classic vitality with a modern edge.

Degrenne Paris has a long and very interesting history.  It was founded in 1948 by the visionary goldsmith Guy Degrenne, who had the idea of using the recovered armoured steel of abandoned tanks from the beaches of Normandy after WW11, to produce stamping dies for stainless steel cutlery.  The company went from strength to strength, increased in size and beautiful ranges of tableware, glassware and hotelware were natural additions.

As well as being a household name in France, Degrenne's presence can be seen worldwide.  The knowledge and passion cultivated by all Degrenne craftsmen translates to the high quality products.  The pursuit of excellence and the love of work well done characterises this design house.

Professional chefs around the globe have been using Degrenne's hard wearing tableware for many years and its collections have dressed the most stunning tables.

Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in sites across France, the Degrenne trademark is one associated with style and elegance.

Kinto was established in 1972 as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan.  They eventually began to develop their own products with a passion to bring comfort and inspiration to everyday life.  Since 2010 their products have been exported worldwide.

They truly understand and value the balance between usability and aesthetics, with well thought out designs being both practical, easy to use and stylish at the same time. 

Kinto aspires to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. This is why the designers continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious by its users. Kinto work to create products which will inspire and give fulfilment with every touch and use.


A-journal is a young and enthusiastic stationery brand based in the Netherlands.  It is a result of their deep affection for stationery and a true need for structuring their days in ink and paper, guided by a clean Dutch design.

Danish brand Stelton, established in 1960, is well renowned for its innovative and practical designs.  It has been responsible for the release of iconic products such as Arne Jacobsen's Cylinda Line collection and Erik Magnussen's EM77 Vacuum Jug. Stelton collaborates with carefully selected international designers and architects with the ambition to create timeless and functional designs that make everyday life a bit more beautiful.

Three New Yorker dads on a mission designed the Stojo cup which was the world's first ultra-portable, leak-proof reusable cup. "The future of our planet depends on more than doing without. It depends on optimism and tuning into the simple pleasures of the people and environment around us. That’s why at Stojo, we’re committed to designing earth-conscious products that bring more to life than what they take away".

Style and sustainability shouldn't be trade-offs. Corkcicle believes in creating products that enhance personal style while reducing personal impact on the planet. The award winning brand has been described as 'inventive, innovative, iconic'.  From the start the company from the U.S.A has been recognised for not only what it makes but how it is made. Corkcicle looks at commonplace things to make them better and add value to everyday moments. These challenges excite and push Corkcicle to create cool stuff with meaning.

Mission Statement “Our reliance on single-use and disposable plastics is simply unsustainable and requires a significant change in consumer behaviour. We are building a company that celebrates the joy in reducing and reusing. By creating beautiful, fashion-forward objects that delight consumers and encourage the adoption of new behaviours, Hip celebrates the contribution we can all make that leads to big change.” - Richard, Founder of Hip

Roll'eat, from Barcelona, is a champion of the wasteless lunch.  Its aim is to reduce the consumption of materials with a high environmental impact, such as aluminium foil and plastic bags.  Roll'eat offers creative solutions to single use or throw away articles, promoting wiser consumption and encouraging environmental education.  Under the motto "Reuse and Reenjoy" its daily use products combine perfectly functionality, design and originality.

Holmegaard produces mouth-blown and machine-blown glass in accordance with the latest and most advanced production methods.  Each piece of mouth-blown glass is unique and hand-made by the glass blower, who carefully blows the right amount of glass through the narrow tube.  Machine-blown glass is of the same high quality and elegance as mouth-blown glass but is machine produced, using exclusive, specially made tools.  

This very well renowned Danish glassworks was born in 1825, producing only green bottles to start, then progressing to clear glass tumblers.  During the 20th century Holmegaard started using artists to design and shape their products.  That is a tradition that has continued on to today, with some of the best artists in Denmark associated with the stylish, beautiful glassware in production.

The Danish ceramics company Kähler has long been renowned world-wide for its Nordic design and gastronomy. Kähler holds great respect for its more than 175 year old heritage and tradition which is described as a brand universe in which all are welcome, where the emphasis is on authentic experience.  Many talented Danish artists and ceramic painters have been affiliated with the historic Kähler workshop.

Today, Kähler collaborates with significant and skilled designers as it strives to combine its unique cultural heritage with the ambition to be a leader on the ceramic arts scene, interpreting it in a contemporary light. All ceramic products are handmade, individually created according to Kähler’s craft traditions.

The Bitz tableware and accessory collections have been developed in close collaboration with Christian Bitz, who has a background in the field of nutritional science and research.  Christian is a well-known figure in his homeland of Denmark where he appears regularly on television programmes as a nutrition and health expert. He has been involved with research projects at hospitals in Denmark and the development of more nutritional meals for patients.  He is also the author of several bestseller books on the subject of nutrition.

Branching out into tableware is another string to Christian's bow.  The collections are constantly expanding and are proving to be extremely successful, with tactile materials, stunning glazes and contemporary shapes.