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Bitz logo

The Bitz tableware and accessory collections have been developed in close collaboration with Christian Bitz, who has a background in the field of nutritional science and research.  Christian is a well-known figure in his homeland of Denmark where he appears regularly on television programmes as a nutrition and health expert. He has been involved with research projects at hospitals in Denmark and the development of more nutritional meals for patients.  He is also the author of several bestseller books on the subject of nutrition.

Branching out into tableware is another string to Christian's bow.  The collections are constantly expanding and are proving to be extremely successful, with tactile materials, stunning glazes and contemporary shapes.

Gastro plates by Bitz

Broste Copenhagen logo

Broste Copenhagen has a history that dates back to 1955 and is one of the leading interior brands in Scandinavia.From their base in Copenhagen, the dynamic and creative Broste team is constantly working on developing the range, travelling the globe discovering new inspiration and materials.  They create exactly the right balance between Nordic tradition and current trends.

Focus is on the high quality of the product and the well-known Broste Copenhagen signature is always incorporated in the final design.  The processing is gentle so the original feel of the material and its character remain intact.

When creating tableware the Broste designers find inspiration from all things Nordic, including the weather, landscape, sea or cities.  The designs are a blend of classic vitality with a modern edge.

Nordic Sea and Nordic Sand table setting

Degrenne Paris logo

Degrenne Paris has a long and very interesting history.  It was founded in 1948 by the visionary goldsmith Guy Degrenne, who had the idea of using the recovered armoured steel of abandoned tanks from the beaches of Normandy after WW11, to produce stamping dies for stainless steel cutlery.  The company went from strength to strength, increased in size and beautiful ranges of tableware, glassware and hotelware were natural additions.

As well as being a household name in France, Degrenne's presence can be seen worldwide.  The knowledge and passion cultivated by all Degrenne craftsmen translates to the high quality products.  The pursuit of excellence and the love of work well done characterises this design house.

Professional chefs around the globe have been using Degrenne's hard wearing tableware for many years and its collections have dressed the most stunning tables.

Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in sites across France, the Degrenne trademark is one associated with style and elegance.

Modulo Nature plates by Degrenne Paris

H Skjalm P logo

H. Skjalm P. was established back in 1953 when husband and wife team Hagbarth Skjalm Petersen and Lisbeth Westergaard opened a retail store in Copenhagen. 

It soon had a reputation for being ahead of its time and was where design-conscious Copenhagers went to acquire the latest homewares, applied art and kitchen utensils.  The shop was always the first to introduce new colours, shapes and graphic expressions.

H. Skjalm P. has developed over the years into a recognised design brand.  It has its own design team who are ever mindful of the founders philosophy “innovative design made from natural materials of high quality with a Scandinavian look”.

Copenhagen tableware by H Sjkalm P

Kahler logo

The Danish ceramics company Kähler has long been renowned world-wide for its Nordic design and gastronomy. Kähler holds great respect for its more than 175 year old heritage and tradition which is described as a brand universe in which all are welcome, where the emphasis is on authentic experience.  Many talented Danish artists and ceramic painters have been affiliated with the historic Kähler workshop.

Today, Kähler collaborates with significant and skilled designers as it strives to combine its unique cultural heritage with the ambition to be a leader on the ceramic arts scene, interpreting it in a contemporary light. All ceramic products are handmade, individually created according to Kähler’s craft traditions

Ombria tableware by Kahler

Kinto logo

Kinto was established in 1972 as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan.  They eventually began to develop their own products with a passion to bring comfort and inspiration to everyday life.  Since 2010 their products have been exported worldwide.

They truly understand and value the balance between usability and aesthetics, with well thought out designs being both practical, easy to use and stylish at the same time. 

Kinto aspires to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. This is why the designers continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious by its users. Kinto work to create products which will inspire and give fulfilment with every touch and use.

Day Off tumblers by Kinto

Linda Bloomfield logo
Linda Bloomfield is a leading author and proponent of British studio ceramics with her tableware ranges found at the Royal Albert Hall amongst others.  She uses a tactile satin glaze on the outside and colour on the inside.  Linda makes her own range of glazes and is particularly interested in the translucent colours obtained using oxides rather than commercial stains.  She has written several books on glazes and teaches a course on colour in glazes at Forest Row School of Ceramics.

Linda's work has been exampled on Channel 4's Great British Throw Down and, to this day, continues to create in her studio in west London and exhibits widely in the world of craft and design.

Plates by Linda Bloomfield

Playground logo

"PLAYGROUND represents the pure joy of experimentation – a declaration of love for the art of culinary presentation. Intuitive, humorous and professional. In that sense, PLAYGROUND brings into play an entertaining and varied product range that is regularly updated. It combines the latest trends in food presentation with a repertoire of exciting, sometimes bold accessories and items made from a diverse range of materials.

PLAYGROUND is run by a team of trend scouts who are constantly expanding the PLAYGROUND arsenal.

We run PLAYGROUND from our base in Germany. More precisely, from Selb in North Bavaria. Our partners around the world bring the concept of PLAYGROUND to a global audience together with its varied and fresh range of new items and accessories.

Our credo: No limits – just make it WOW!"

Stone bowl and other tableware items by Playground

Porland Academy logo

The ultimate combination of elegance, strength and durability; the superior Porland Academy fine china collections features warm, refined shapes to enhance every dining occasion. 

Botanical collection by Porland Academy

Schonwald logo

German brand SCHÖNWALD stands for exceptional design. All developments are characterised by a special design sovereignty. The simple, elegant design language typical of SCHÖNWALD makes the collections particularly durable. The stylistic understatement fits into any ambience.

As a trendsetter, SCHÖNWALD sets the tone in the international gastronomy scene. With inventiveness and non-conformism, the brand is on the trail of new directions in enjoyment. Renowned designers and the in-house creative centre translate international food trends into new, convincing products made of high-quality hard porcelain and filigree Noble China. Innovative shapes are regularly designed to suit changing culinary themes and cooking styles.

Bowls and cups by Schonwald

Serax logo

Serax is the brainchild of Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche. Two brothers who were brought up amidst the flowerpot trade in their mother’s business. Over the past thirty years, the small-scale business that started up in a garage in 1986 has grown into a multi­national with over 65 employees and a head office in ­Antwerp.

Serax makes your home look more beautiful, adds personality to your interior, and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. They only work with passionate designers all over the globe. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, their products are manufactured exclusively by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design.

When founder Axel met ceramic artist Roos van de Velde in 2009, he wasn’t aware that this encounter would change the future of his company forever. After the launch of her tableware collection, starred restaurants from all over the world suddenly lined up to order from Serax. Today, Serax is the number one reference for Michelin chefs to provide them with the necessary creative porcelain or ceramics that enhance the aesthetics of their dishes.

Surface tableware from Serax

Stelton logo

Danish brand Stelton, established in 1960, is well renowned for its innovative and practical designs.  It has been responsible for the release of iconic products such as Arne Jacobsen's Cylinda Line collection and Erik Magnussen's EM77 Vacuum Jug. Stelton collaborates with carefully selected international designers and architects with the ambition to create timeless and functional designs that make everyday life a bit more beautiful.

EM-77 vacuum jugs by Stelton

The Atlas Works logo

The Atlas Works is a collaboration between two London based designers and a traditional factory in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

The range is a collection of purposeful products that combine modern design, beautiful materials and artisanal manufacturing techniques. All the glassware is made from recycled glass which means the colour and surface markings are unique to each item

Tall glass bowl by The Atlas Works

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